What do Florists get for Valentine’s?

I can confirm however, as a florist you are never sick of flowers. I mean you’d be in the wrong job if that were the case, right?!

It’s easy to get cynical and sick about all the Valentine’s Day hype; concluding it is just a commercial money-maker. Which, truth be told, in many cases it does seem that way.

But what if it’s a day that simply helps some of us let our loved ones know how special they are and how much they mean? Of course, we should be doing that more regularly than once a year… But we can all benefit from a little reminder not to take each other for granted every once in a while.  

“Lorna” Hand tied bouquet.

Supermarkets and adverts on the television dictate grand gestures: piling Red Roses and cheap chocolates high and selling it all at knock down prices. 

Instead, what if it was as simple as a cup of tea in bed on Valentine’s morning and a beautiful long stem Red Rose lovingly wrapped by hand, with a heartfelt note? 

Trio of Jam Jar Posies

Perhaps this weekend would give you enough time to do some covert investigations into what your loved one’s favourite flower or plant really is! 

Perhaps your loved one isn’t into Red Roses and they would much prefer a pretty planter of spring bulbs that they can plant in the garden later on in the year. 

With so many choices to suit every taste and budget – it doesn’t have to be a grand gesture and it can be a whole lot more creative than just Red Roses. 

Spring Planter

Of course, for the traditionalists out there we are thrilled to provide Half and Full Dozen Red Rose bouquets, complemented with luscious seasonal foliage. 

If you’re looking for something a little different? Good news, there are plenty of other unique arrangements on offer! 

“Alice” Hand tied bouquet.  

All that said, the answer to that all important question…? Well, I can only speak as one florist. After a couple of long days creating and delivering romance far and island wide, I shall choose myself an unusual variety of Roses I haven’t tried before to take home and enjoy. 

And with a little luck I might collapse onto the sofa in my pyjamas as my boyfriend orders pizza! Heaven!

Clare x

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